Re: 3600GTO - El Capitan unveiled at AIC

Roland Christen

I have seen the Plane Wave CDK20, and it is an awesome instrument. A lot of scope for the money for sure. Excellent optical design and execution and workmanship.


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I know - first there was aperture fever, now there is mount capacity
fever...! And it seems that while it used to be that the former drove
the latter, I may be entering a stage in the disease where the latter
drives the former... :-)

Right now I am going to be pushing the upper limit of the 140 pound
AP1200GTO rating with what I will be putting on it. But, someone just
gave me a great idea... a Planewave CDK20 would be an awesome OTA for
the future, and it weighs 140 pounds already with nothing else on it,
so while the 250 pounds capacity of the 3600 is still more than I
need, I can easily exceed the 140 pound capacity of the 1200...


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When your AP3600 eventually arrives, it will of course be taller
than the
AP1200, so it might be more difficult to remove the OTA from it, for
your (portable) AP1200 in the field.

Yes....but....are you really considering an AP3600?
Do you actually have an OTA suited to the a 20 inch
RC or
I've seen it 'in the flesh' a AIC and it is a monster.......and you
probably ride on it with your OTA.
Maybe AP or Losmandy will offer a special dovetail seat so one can
ride on
the mount much like a movie dolley.

Kent Kirkley

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