I'm impressed so far

Alan Voetsch <alanv12952@...>

Hey all,

The new 1200GTO arrived on Friday, was setup on it's pier with no trouble on Saturday and
tonight I've run a couple 2 star alignment routines and it's fairly close.

I'm going out later to try with some brighter stars to improve the alignment.

Tomorrow I may try a little autoguiding to see how that works. I use an ST-4 as a
Standalone guider and wonder if anyone has any tips to offer about using it in that mode
with the AP mounts. I have an LX200 and G-11/Gemini background. One of the suggested
tricks with the Gemini was to run the ST-4s calibration at 0.8 in Gemini, and then reduce
that to 0.5 (or thereabouts) for guiding. Most probably know that is to reduce

How do you standalone-ST-4 users setup the paramaters with a 1200? Also, any other keypad
setup tips will be greatly appreciated.


Astrophotography: http://www.pbase.com/avoetsch12952

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