Re: 3600GTO - El Capitan unveiled at AIC

John Gleason

It was great to see both Marj and Roland at AIC this year. What a mount! I got on the notification list which already had quite few noteworthy names on it. It should carry a large astrograph in Oz quite nicely, although I am not sure which instrument I would choose - perhaps a 48" Schmidt camera. ;-)

BTW, once again the AIC team did a fantasic job and the speakers were all excellent.

- John Gleason

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Hi all,

Roland kept our secret (barely) <g>. He was bursting at the seams.

We are so excited to introduce our HUGE new GTO mount, which we have nicknamed - El Capitan. How fittting that we introduce it with Yosemite so near to San Jose (well, compared to IL).

Check the information on our website for details and see how it dwarfs teh 1200GTO.

I am preparing some photos that will be posted on our events page this afternoon.......

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