Re: 3600GTO - El Capitan unveiled at AIC

Richard Crisp

not only what Bill said, AP doesn't normally engage in the widely practiced policy of PRICE GOUGING like so many other vendors do.

That's part of the reason there's a waiting list....

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Jerry Lodriguss wrote:
> 15K for that mount?
> You are going to be sadly disappointed.
> Meade sells their big mount for that $30K, surely an AP mount must be
> worth, I would guess, 2-3 times that much.
> The Takahashi EM-2500 Temma-2 Mount with a 155 lb. load capacity is $46K.
> If you base it solely on the relationship between the mount number
> and the price of a fully equipped mount (counterweights, dovetail,
> etc)... AP900 is about 9K, AP1200 about 12K, then the price would be
> about 36K for the 3600 mount... I'm betting more.
> Let's get up a pool and maybe Roland will give a free one as a prize
> to the one who guesses correctly!

It's entirely likely that the AP3600 is/was meant to provide those AP
Customers a mount that is equal to or surpasses the Bisque mount. And
from the looks of they have indeed done exactly that. So in that light
$15K would be about right.

The Meade mount at any price is still a Meade :( Besides ..... didn't
that price include the optical tube ?

Marj: Put me on the list. I'll take one <g>




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