Re: 1200GTO as a portable mount?

Dean S

Thanks all for the replies and opinions.

I just placed my order for the 1200 :)))))) My reasoning is...........

It will be in the observatory most of the time.

Star Parties about 6x a year for minimum 3 nights per will be worth the

It only weighs about 14lb more than my current mount.

The pier actually breaks down easier than my current.

And the lower PE is very important to me as my local seeing is bad, so I am
assuming I will have less guiding issues.

And I will pretty much be unlimited when it comes to what scopes are in my


I'm starting my work out program first thing in the morning too.

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Dean, having had an AP900 and upgraded to an AP1200, I would say
that, other than load capacity, the AP900 performed equally as well
as the AP12oo. Obviously the PE is better on the AP1200, but after
using PEMPro the PE on my AP900 was down to 1.5 arc secs with PEC, so
very close to that of an AP1200. To be perfectly honest, while I
wouldn't have thought twice about taking my AP900 to a star party, I
do think twice about taking the AP1200. The additional size of the
mount and pier makes quite a difference when packing the car along
with all my camping gear. However, as my mount is in an observatory
90% of the time, I am very happy with my decision to upgrade. If you
do plan to take the mount to star parties on a regular basis, I think
you need to ask yourself whether you need the extra load capacity
because in every other respect an AP900 wil serve you equally well.
Hope that helps, Richard.

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I am on the list for a 900GTO which should come up next run the
first of '08. But 1200's are available now I see.

I have an observatory with permanant pier, but I also go to several
star parties a year, is there really much of a difference in handling
the componets between these? I don't really need the extra capacity,
now at least, however the lower PE would always be a benefit. My
main reason for an AP mount is to be able to go well past the
meridian during an imaging session.

My current mount weighs 36 & 28 lbs, the 1200 is 50 & 31 lbs. Not
really that much difference. I would have to upgrade piers which
might add some weight too.

Hmmm, just trying to see if I can talk myself into more mount than
I really need.


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