Re: 1200GTO as a portable mount?

Wiggins, Rick

Hi Bill,
I have found that putting an AP 155 with extension, field flattener,
and STL11k under the FSQ will mitigate the balancing issue! It may
create some economic issues however.
Thanks, Rick

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ayiomamitis wrote:

I have also loaded my Tak FSQ on the AP1200GTO and there is
indeed a
small problem with the balancing but it is not permanent. I
picked up
a 10-lb counterweight and now everything is fine.


Might it be that you have an older AP1200 ? Because I can assure
that with my FSQ on my AP1200 it doesn't balance. The OTA is *not*
enough. My AP1200 has the longer CW shaft and this contributes to
this..... I won't say problem because something like this we
should all
suffer from :)

The shorter CW Shaft from the AP900 will let it balance.



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