Re: 1200GTO as a portable mount?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Anthony,

I fully agree - when I was buying my AP900, I faced the same dillema. You
get ever so much more mount for such a trivial increase in cost. If I had an
observatory far outside the suburbs, with occasional travelling, the choice of
an AP1200 would have been an easy one. Don't know if I would want to haul an
AP1200 on an air flight or cruise, though.

However, as Bill said:

Hmmm, just trying to see if I can talk myself into more mount than
I really need.
One way to go for Bill's "NEED" - since he already has a pier in an
observatory, but wants a "star party travelling mount" - might be to opt for
his heart's desire right away, and get instant satisfaction with the AP1200.
If, he eventually finds it a bit of "heavy luggage" for star parties, there is
the option of a second mount (a used AP900, or the EVER so lovely, Mach1). AP
mounts retain their value, and are always in demand, between (formerly long)
production runs. Besides, by then he may acquire a much bigger OTA for the
observatory mount. At that point he would have evaluated the AP1200, and could
make his own decision based on mount travelling experience.

Perhaps the choice of travel mount might be to "never bring a 2-meter OTA
to a star party" :-)


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