Re: 1200GTO as a portable mount?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Dean,

Yes, I was indeed intrigued by Bill's issue with balancing an "undersized"
OTA. I had never considered that possibility. The AP900 counterweight shaft -
actually, now a new shorter version - weighs 10 lbs empty. Rather than adding
weights to the OTA and risking other balancing issues, it might be nice to
have a hollow stainless steel shaft, which will not only be half the weight ,
but being a tube, will actually more rigid than a solid one.


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Hi Joe,

I am think that the large RA gear on the 1200 gives it a lower PE? But
other than that your right about it just being a larger scale.

Can one ever have too much mount? Bill had said earlier that he has balance
issue with a too small of scope. Right now I use about 30&40lbs to balance
both of my scope set ups so I shouldn't have a problem I hope.


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