Re: 1200GTO as a portable mount?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Anthony,

I really don't understand the difference between the AP900 and the
AP1200 - except of course for the greater "mass and wind" load carrying
capacity of the 1200.
After all, both are identically designed, and identically manufactured using
the same machinery. They are effectively twins, with the only difference being
a 1.21 factor of scale, and thus load capacity.

But if you limit yourself to the SCT load range of the AP900, upto a 2"
SCT for example, won't they perform identically well? The choice then reaches
a breakpoint for a 14" SCT, and the decision of mount versus human load
carrying capacity does become an issue. Similarly, if you have a long and wide
refractor OTA (or a Newtonian), wind conditions will favour the AP1200 in this
shoot out, but on a relatively calm night, I suspect there will be no visible


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This is
not to suggest that an AP900GTO is anything less but then there is
only one "Mona Lisa".

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