Re: AP900 yellow light

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Glenn,

I wonder why you think that putting on an extra spacing washer (above the
panel) would be "a lot of working around".

Just so we understand each other, you don't need to remove the CP cover,
and since you say that you saw the socket is soldered directly into the PCB,
there is no likelihood of things coming loose and falling inside.

Since "not fully tightening" the cable seems to help - except for
solidity - I propose that you remove the socket's "lock nut" on the panel,
slip on a spacing washer, (or two, if thin), and replace the lock nut again.
(In a pinch, if you can't find a washer(or spare lock nut from a surplus
socket) of just the exact hole diameter, you could even cut one out of a
margarine tub, or bottle cap insert, and nibble the hole out with a 3-hole

Now the cable plug will be spaced about 1 mm higher (than bottoming), and
can also be tightened down hard.

I think that is a trivial adjustment, taking just a few minutes. Otherwise
you will have to send your CP to AP for socket replacement, possible costs,
and worse, loss of the AP900 for a month ... just at M45 and Orion M42 time.


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(f) I thought of that too, but that seems like a lot of working around what
is seeming like a faulty socket. I did remove the covers enought to examine
the connection to the PCB and everything looked ok. (I know what cold joints
and broken traces look like) however I didn't have great lighting

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