Re: AP900 yellow light

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Glenn,

Some comments to your reply:

(a) I would think that a yellow light might indicate a marginal "low voltage
supply" thus causing a low voltage for the motors - it (otherwise) normally
flags a motor stall. So, there is evidently, "some contact" with the power

(b) You say that you tried a second power cable "to isolate to the CP2/3
Does that mean that the second power cable made no difference, in which case
it is a socket problem?

(c) Does the socket rattle a tiny bit on the panel, if you jiggle just the
open socket firmly with your fingers? If it does, tighten the locking nut, and
If not, the nut is locking down the socket properly, which moves this to an
internal problem.

(d) Since you gently bent that side tab outward, to improve pressure from the
barrel side, without changes, it can't be that contact point.

(e) If you take a knife blade, or small screw driver blade, and carefully
spread the central pin tines, and it still doesn't help, then the problem is
now somewhere below the socket - i.e. the PCB, too much downward pressure on
the pin, or soldering to the PCB.

(f) I just did a measurement of the length of the central pin (0.30") and the
cable connector (0.325"). This means that the pin can "bottom" into the cable
connector of the plastic tip gets mashed down during a hard lockdown. There is
practically zero margin for the pin, and theoretically, it is possible to push
in the central pin. Don't know what it might do below the pin - perhaps the
pin is on a solid base, just don't know. I just wish the cable mating socket
was a bit deeper. That might explain why NOT tightening the locking ring,
seems to work better. If so, as I suggested, a washer slipped down the
threads, put decrease how far down the cable screws into the panel, but will
still be tight, might help in these rare circumstances. I suppose with time,
the black plastic nylon tip can flatten down.


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Since this has happened on a new AP1200, as well as older AP CPx's, it
would suggest defective hardware to begin with, or bad soldering, rather
central pin tines collapsing together with age or lots of use.

I was wondering if it was a bad solder joint or trace and somehow screwing
down the lock ring was moving it around.

I notice on my CP3 (which may be different from the hardware on the CP2),
that there is a "side contact" tine, and it is not electrically connected to
the walls of the panel socket. I guess AP has a chassis ground (the panel
socket) disconnected from power ground, which might be the side tine contact
(that actually makes contact with the side of the barrel of the power cable

I also pulled this side contact out just a touch as well as gently spreading
central tines. It definitely is making good contact UNTIL I screw the collar
on snug.

(Even with the locking collar, I don't think a concentric connector like
is all that reliable. I would have preferred a 2 pin connector with a

The other concern I have is that possibly the yellow light is caused by a
partial short in the connector (if the light goes out completely you are
open circuit) and so that getting the yellow light on when you screw the
collar on indicates something not so good is happening in there.

Mine was ok when I got the mount earlier this year, and this problem only
showed up at Table Mountain in July (and then back home afterwards)

I also don't feel this is a manufacture quality issue -- there's some issue
with my connector and I am sure it is fixable (this is not rocket science).

Anyone else with the issue, have you been able to try a second power
cable as I did to isolate to the CP2/3 socket?


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