Re: AP900 yellow light

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Anthony,

Now that is indeed worrisome. I can't think of a cause for that happening
with at least 3 controllers, possibly more. You would figure that tightening
the cable down harder, should only improve contact.

The best I can surmise is that screwing down the cable tightly, is pushing
the central pin down enough to warp the entire connector assembly, and
breaking some internal spring terminal contact. The central pin should be
shorter than the plug's central hollow, but what if the cable plug is equal,
or a hair shorter inside, than the full depth travel? Since the pin has
"bottomed" inside the plug, you could end up pushing down hard on the pin, and
the circuit board it is mounted on.

If my W.A.G. is correct, this can be easily proven, and solved, by getting
a nylon (or even metal), washer with a hole very tightly equal to the outside
diameter of the thread section. When the washer/spacer is placed down flat to
the panel, the cable can then be screwed down very tightly, right upto the
washer, without the central pin going up the cable end all the way, and no
longer be forced down onto it's PCB connection.

It may be that, such a close tolerance between AP's selected socket, and
the mating cable plug - is too exact. After all, the two connector halves
aren't necessarily a matched set from one connector manufacturer.

Even so, if the socket is "directly soldered" (rather than wired) to the
PCB (and I don't know that), then it might even be sitting, "raised up" a
hair, off the PCB surface due to a poor pre-soldering insertion, so that
screwing down the cable pushes down on the overly upward extended pin - even
if that pin actually were short enough for the tip not to bottom into the plug
on the cable. The cable connector would still be pushing down with it's black
nylon tip onto the "circular metal pad" at the base of the central pin (have a
close look inside the socket) - applying force to the PCB.

Proposed solution:

I think, that an outer spacing washer, equal in thickness to the well
discussed "wiggle factor", will help fix this. A cleaner way of doing this, if
this is the cause, and to tidy things up after proving it works, would be as

Carefully remove the ring holding the socket to the CP3 panel, and put the
spacing washer under it, between it and the panel, then tighten the screw back
down again. You will have one less thread to screw down the cable, but
probably way more than enough, and the cable will no longer screw down as far,
but cable will still be very tight - no more wiggling required.

Any thoughts on this conjecture?


... for want of a nail, a horse was lost - for want of a spacing washer

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My AP1200GTO is also a CP3 with the screw-on plug as you describe ...
it was received summer of last year.


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