Re: AP900 cases

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Keith,

Another benefit of your approach, or the Thermodyne rib-interlocking case,
is that when you get to your observing site, you can restack the now empty
cases. Stacked and locked, these can serve double duty as a comfortable
viewing seat, or a spacious laptop desk. Saves bringing each of these along,
and also extra luggage space in the trunk of the car.
Other cases, "that don't stack", just sit there in the field until you are
ready to pack up for home.

I sometimes think that if Pelican had made their tow handles "foldable"
(at right angles), you could stand two identical cases on their ends, cross
fold (and tie together) the tow handles , and again have a nice observing or
work bench.


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One of my other reasons for choosing an AP900, was that it could be
separated into RA and DEC sections, and each one would be lighter than the
full Losmandy G11 mount. As the years go on, it is harder to lift & carry
items in the field, and a heavy case would negate that benefit.

Good point.........

In my previous post about using Sterilite containers for mount cases, I
didn't mention that when empty, they weigh almost nothing. With the poly foam
they might weigh 1-2 lbs.

Kent Kirkley

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