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Kent Kirkley

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Company 7 makes some very nice ATA cases. There are some pictures of my
900 cases in the files section:

They use different density foam in different areas, velour lined, and
are stout enough that you can slap a shipping label on the outside and
ship them as is. The only drawback is the weight.

Paul Gustafson
A question and a suggestion:

Yes, ATA, Scopeguard and etc. type case are wonderful..........but expensive.

So, I have to ask, what is the intended use of your mount and therefore the
cases: ie.
Do you intend to be shipping the mount/cases or checking them on an airline?
If so, then the ATA type case is the only way to go.

However, if you only want the cases for storage or transporting the mount to
your observing site in your car or van then there are other, less expensive,
solutions. I currently use two white "Sterilite" containers for my AP1200GTO
mount. Sterilite containers are somewhat similiar to Rubbermaid 'tubs' but are
of a harder more rigid plastic. They come in various colors and graduated sizes
and have flat, snap on lids. I have one case for the RA component and one
case for the DEC component with saddle and ring unmounted ring set. I simply
lined the inside of each Sterilite container with 1 inch think high density poly
foam (dark gray). The RA and DEC sections just sit in each container and the
lit snaps on. The lids are made in such a way that the containers stack
nicely, which is how I have them my van during transport. The best thing is that
each container costs only something like $12.00-$15.00.
The poly foam will add something like $ you get two cases for a
total of something like$35-40. I've been using mine for 6 or more years for
monthly dark site and star party trips and my mount doesn't have a scratch on
it. You can find Sterilit containers at places like The Contaner Store,
sometimes Walmart, Dollar General, Target, etc.

Kent Kirkley

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