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Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Paul

One of my other reasons for choosing an AP900, was that it could be
separated into RA and DEC sections, and each one would be lighter than the
full Losmandy G11 mount. As the years go on, it is harder to lift & carry such
items in the field, and a heavy case would negate that benefit. Also, I would
prefer a more sculpted or roto-moulded case, rather than the Spartan sharp
looking edges and latches, I see on the Company 7 case or the Scopeguard
version. Those are certainly very well engineered cases, inside and out, but I
prefer something like a Pelican. Even those rise quickly in weight with almost
an insignificant increase in internal volume.
I like Doug Forehand's Thermodyne cases" (at group's FILES section), for
his AP1200. Well padded, with tougher resilient formed foam sections. The
really unique feature of that product is that the ribs on the case top &
bottom are complementary - you can stack and tie down two cases, and the ribs
on the bottom of one, lock into spaces on the top of the other. That prevents
them sliding apart, when you transport them. However, I think I saw some
negative comments on them about their own ruggedness - (hinges perhaps?). The
main problem of the Thermodyne, perhaps, is that they don't have wheels and a
tow handle, a real back breaker, unlike the larger Pelicans (#1620 to #1650).

By the way, which case is that behind Rolando, for the Mach1, on the AP
group webpage - Pelican? And, is that an AP product?


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Wish AP made well designed, and airline
guerrilla drop tested, foamed cases
for their mounts.
Company 7 makes some very nice ATA cases. There are some pictures of my
900 cases in the files section:

They use different density foam in different areas, velour lined, and
are stout enough that you can slap a shipping label on the outside and
ship them as is. The only drawback is the weight.

Paul Gustafson

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