Re: AP900 yellow light

Joe Zeglinski

Sorry, Rolando,

That was not at all what I intended. My AP900 arrived quite well packed.
However, I can't use the original cardboard box in the field forever, so I am
considering what will be the best pair of cases for it.

My point was in no way suggesting any deficiency in the way you pack
mounts for shipment. What I was getting at, is to warn others who design their
own packaging, starting with empty Pelican type cases. Also, I have a concern,
from reading some posts, about having "too little case" for the amount of foam
inside. There has to be a balance - save on the case or foam design, pay later
for mount repairs.

But you mentioned your "airline cases" - I must have missed that item in
the product lists. Is there a specific one for the AP900?

Best regards,

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Wish AP made well designed, and airline guerrilla drop tested, foamed cases

for their mounts.
We not only pack the mounts properly so they do not get damaged, we also
available airline cases that can transport them safely. The original post
about used mount getting damaged when the original customer does not pack
mount properly, not about any deficiency about AP packing the mounts.


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