Re: AP1200 PE/PEMPro Query

Roland Christen

In a message dated 10/18/2007 6:34:42 PM Central Daylight Time,
richard.kinsey@... writes:

Hi Ray, yes, I have only been using PEMPro to record the PE. I
haven't downloaded any information to the mount, so the original PEC
data should be retained. I will do as you suggest, but can you please
explain how I can downlaod the PEC data from the mount and invert it?
Many thanks, Richard
Inverting the PEM data will not work. The data was taken with lab equipment
and then downloaded to the memory. The mount was then run again to insure that
the periodic error was reduced and a record of both before and after was
taken. The data in the mount is correctly loaded and should not be inverted. If you
want to save this data to your computer, you can do so with PemPro and store
it on your laptop. You can make a new curve using PemPro on the night sky,
taking several cycles of PE, smooth it and download it to your PE memory in the
servo. If this works better than the original, then use it.


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