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They sure did! The review is excellent! Dennis di Cicco has been using the Mach1GTO since late 2006 (the mount was from the first production run). You may recall that he reviewed the TeleVue-NP127is in July 2007 and the Apogee Instruments Alta U9000 camera in June. He evaluated all three products at the same time, then wrote separate reviews for each one. In the article, Dennis stated: "The fact that the mount proved so unobtrusive as I busied myself otherwise, is, in my opinion, one of its greatest qualities - especially since its setup had been so easy." Although he did not state it in the article, Dennis has decided to purchase the mount that we had loaned him. He will replace one of our older model 400 mounts that he has had for many years.

We have Mach1GTO mounts in production now and will start notifying in November. The current list goes back to August of 2004 (the original 400GTO and 600EGTO lists were combined). We'll also plan another run soon after. Since we have recently expanded our machining department to have four lathes and three mills, we should be able to shorten up the time it takes to produce all mechanical parts. Our most recent lathe was just delivered two weeks ago and the most recent mill was installed a couple of months ago.

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Not having seen the review, but based on my experience with a 900, I
will take a wild guess. They liked it.


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Hi All,

Just to let you know, the long awaited review of the Mach1 mount
has just
been published in the December issue of S&T. Run out and grab a
copy today (and
get in line for a mount while ye're at it ;>))


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