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Ray Gralak <rgr@...>

Hi Richard,

Just to be clear... you are using PEMPro only to measure the PE, correct?

If so, it may just be that was loaded into the mount needs to be inverted.
Just use PEMPro to download the original curve and save it to a file for
future reference. Then while still in PEMPro invert the curve you just
downloaded from the mount and upload it back to the mount. Then measure the
PE again with PEM on.


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I have recently taken delivery of a new AP1200 and just run PEMPro to
have a look at the PE curve. I have run PEMPro several times with PEC
disabled and recorded between 4 and 6 worm cycles each time. The
results have produced PE curves showing 1.37, 1.6 and 1.1 arc
secs peak
to peak. On the basis that PEC is pre-programmed on the
AP1200, I then
ran PEMPro with PEC enabled and obtained a curve showing 3.2 arc secs
peak to peak. Obviously the results look as they should be the other
way around and I am wondering whether the pre-programmed PEC operates
with PEC turned off? If not, with PE of just over 1 arc sec without
PEC, I must have the best mount on the planet!

Thanks in advance, Richard

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