Re: Simple way to make a guiding cable.

Joe Zeglinski

Of course ... Thanks Rolando.

So, a standard RJ12 modem (or phone) cable is what we want.

By the way, I'm expecting a really nifty compact RJ12 "retractable 5.9
foot" RJ12 standard network "modem/phone" cable (6 wires), in the next few
RETRAK / EMERGE ETCABLERJ12L Retractable RJ12 Modem/Phone Cable

It will be great for the guider, and with another one, I plan to use it
with my TCF-S focuser - where I modified an RJ12/DB9 dongle for RS-232
computer port, by crossing over the three wires inside it, rather than the way
OPTEC does it (requiring their "custom cables", an non-crossed over dongle).
The EMERGE retractable, makes for a very compact, easy to store RJ12 cable,
which can be retracted leaving NO loop, for the guider (and focuser), at the
scope - and it is pocket sized when packing up. Great for storage, since you
don't have "coils of cable" to pack up.

ALL other similar "keychain sized" retractable (e.g. Belkin, ZIP-LOCK,
etc) are only 2.5 feet long.
EMERGE version is unique.

I'll report how well it behaves, after my freezer and focuser tests with it.

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In a pinch, sounds like one could also, quite confidently, go to an
electronics supply store, and buy an inexpensive, off the shelf, Telco
industry standard RJ11 cable (4 conductor plus 2 empty slots),
You need 5 wires. 4 wires for the 4 directions and one for the ground.


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