Re: Simple way to make a guiding cable.

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Gerald,

In a pinch, sounds like one could also, quite confidently, go to an
electronics supply store, and buy an inexpensive, off the shelf, Telco
industry standard RJ11 cable (4 conductor plus 2 empty slots), or a similar
network modem RJ12 cable (which is identical except it has the two outer slots
populated - used by some other astro devices.


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Peter Ward passed to me a very simple rule. Take a piece of 6 way (flat)
RJ cable and put a connector on one end, any way you like. Place the
cable flat on the table so that the clip (that holds it in) faces upwards.
the other end connector so that the clip is also upwards. You may have to
very carefully slide the cable along the table ensuring that it never twists
(flipps). This way you have a stock (or standard what ever you call it) ST4
or SBIG cable. If you want to check it, place the ends of the connectors
go into the respective sockets so as to but end to end to each other, and
colours of the wires should be an exact match.

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