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Hi Group,

I had this same problem. My issue was using just the KeyPad could
cause a runway. I had another issue with hooking a 2nd serial cable
and using PulseGuide and the Sky connected at the same time.

My first repair was to replace the D chip with the E chip. Guess
what, I never could reproduce the keypad run away again. For only
$45 and an excellent document on replacing it, it was well worth it.

The UArk chip in my mount was defective and I guess only the 2nd
cable connected would see the problem. Replacing that was just as
easy. I did get the Max chip as well in case that was the next
step, but the one screw had stripped head so I can't remove that
chip. But I guess it was not needed because everything works great


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For a few years my AP900 has shown an odd behaviour with slewing
manually with the keypad. Occasionally, when I release a
button, it doesn't stop, but just keeps on going.
The keypad works by sending software commands to the servo. If the
command is
not received, then the action is not taken by the servo. It is
possible that
there is a loose connection between keypad and servo. If you
contact Howard or
Christine at AP, they can advise you on the steps to take to fix


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