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Roland Christen

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But if I slew at 1200, the mount does contunue to run for a few seconds
after release of the button.
In this case it indicates a lack of power to run the motors at the fastest
speed. What happens is the servo calculates a motor trajectory of 1200 times
sidereal, but if the motors cannot keep up because of a lack of power (or due to
excessive load), then the trajectory gets to its target position before the
motors do. Thus the motors continue to run until they catch up to the commanded
position, even if you let go of the button. This is entirely different
situation than the one where the motors continue to run forever (possibly due to a
bad connection or a faulty UART).

It is good for you all to understand some of these problem modes so that you
do not spend a lot of time and effort going down blind alleys trying to fix
things the wrong way. There is always a logical reason why things occur the way
they do. Most of it is written up in the manual (can be seen on our web site)
so please check there first if you have any strange symptoms.


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