Re: Mach1 declination gearbox housing


Thanks Rick for your reply.
Rolland, Howard, here is a question for you:

I studied the housing for a while and it is definitely loose ...
that's no good ...

I have removed the 4 small screws from the cover of the declination
gearbox housing, then pulled the cover to look inside.

There are two long screws inside that are very loose: what should I

Note that I am in Singapore and sending the mount all the way to USA
does not appeal much to me ... does it look like something simple?
Should I tighten the two screws? Is there some alignment procedure to

Note that I have not connected the power supply yet nor any
cables ... I am still doing the "visual" control of the mount.

I have the mount in front of my desk, on an AP portable pier, which
makes it easy to control everything.

Thank you and best regards

Jean-Yves beninger

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This doesn't sound right. Mine does not have any obvious flexibility
or movement that I can notice.


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I would like to have confirmation that the following are normal
on my

- The declination motor/gearbox housing is not tightly fixed: the
gearbox can be lifted slightly and the worm gear seems to
when lifting it (about 1/2 inch lift on the "plug side").

- The right ascension gearbox housing is tightly fixed.

Is it the normal condition?



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