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Peter Santangeli


I just did an archive search, and found an interesting thread. It
seems that some people had issues with power cables that lead to
runaway slewing.

I *have* been having occasional power cable issues too, so maybe
that's the hint I need. I'll try the fix suggested (spreading the
halves of the inner prong in the supply cable).

Is the inner prong the ground? Is this actually a ground issue? If
so, might it also affect the focuser?

Maybe someone from AP has an idea.

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Hi Pete,

I use pretty much exactly the same setup and have never had that
problem, although I use 100% PC control - I don't even have the
handset connected to the mount.

What versions of controller rom etc do you have? I use a CP2 with
D chip and as I say it works flawlessly, for both slewing and focus.
I seem to remember reading about manual slew runaway on the group
in the past - did you try searching the archives?


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Sorry, I guess I'm not being clear about the setup.

- The focusser is a JMI DXF3M with built in motor.
- The motor is plugged into the AP900.
- The focus commands are being generated by FocusMax, which is
the ASCOM driver for the AP900
- The ASCOM driver is sending focus commands (I assume) to the
- The AP900 is driving the focus motor


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In a message dated 9/29/07 8:20:40 PM, peter@ writes:

It's a simple JMI focus motor plugged into the AP900, then
via the mount and the ASCOM driver. It *should* work with

So the JMI focus motor is just getting its power from the AP900.
That doesn't mean the mount is controlling the focus motor.
If there are power problems with the power to the mount then
might have
an influence on the power to the focus motor..

Kent Kirkley

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