Runaway mount

Peter Santangeli

For a few years my AP900 has shown an odd behaviour with slewing
manually with the keypad. Occasionally, when I release a direction
button, it doesn't stop, but just keeps on going.

I've been meaning to look into it, but frankly, I've just gotten used
to hitting the "stop" button at then end of each manual slew, and that
stops the runaway behaviour.

Last week though, I tried using FocusMax for the first time, and I saw
what seemed to be exactly the same behavior with the focusers. In the
middle of the focus max run, it would just take off in one direction
forever. (The focusser is controlled by the AP900).

Maybe they are unrelated... but it seems odd, and has reminded me again
that I should fix the run away slew problem.

Anyone have any ideas or similar experiences?


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