Re: Mach1 transport case

Joe Zeglinski


On the subject of cases, I have been looking for a couple of
"Pelican-like" moulded cases to pack the two halves of an AP900.

General case question:
Has anyone come across cases that have "interlocking ribs" on the bottom
and the case lid?
I would like to stack my two cases , and perhaps lash them together.
Interlocking channels help to keep two such (identical) cases from sliding

Thanks for any references.


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I'll reply to my question:

The Mach1 and optional shaft fit in a Undewater kinetics model 821.
The dimensions are just nice and it is has the airline dimensions ...
although too heavy I think for a carry on luggage.
I went with the Storm iM2720. Too large for carry on, 10" deep, but it
has enough room for extra foam around the mount. Heavy, but the handle
and wheels help.

I've been told Storm cases are just as good as Pelican. However, I find
the lid of this Storm case is not as robust as those of similar size
Pelicans. OTOH, the Storm hinge runs the full length of the lid and it
does open easier, at least until the Pelicans are broken in.

Paul Gustafson

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