Re: Focus socket problems

Joe Zeglinski


You should be able to find an audio socket at just about any electronics
store - from Radio Shack to any that sells home audio/video systems. It's
really a plain vanilla socket.


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Just to clarify - it's the socket in the CP2 which is loose, not the
socket in the JMI.


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Hi all,

Over the last couple of outings I've been having problems with the
focus output socket on my 4-5 year old CP2 AP900.
When I plug in the cable to my JMI focuser, the plug seems to be very
lose and the connection is intermittent - often I get no focuser
movement until I move the plug around a bit.

I'm guessing the spring connection in the socket is either broken or
worn, more likely the former given it's sudden degradation.

Does anyone know of a source of replacement sockets?
I assume it's a 3.5mm mono socket?



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