Re: The Awesome 1200


Congratulations on your new mount Mark - do you have the HGM for sale?
If so how much?


I did this with the HGM-
Hi Kevin, Hope i haven't misled anyone with my last post. I have
not yet recieved the AP 1200 yet, but i have thought considerably on
how i would protect it during transport without spending a small
fortune. I may even make Naugahyde "Slippers" for the three legs, so
they do not get scuffed up at star parties by being kicked. (Man am i
fussy!) I did sell the HGM-200 about 5-1/2 months ago to a freind for
$5,000.00 It was a good mount, but definitely not in the same class as
the 1200GTO. I'm hoping that the wait will not be too much longer. Mark

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