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As a future feature I'm planning to add sound effects so that
you adjust the
mount closer PEMPro will beep faster and higher pitched until
reach the
correct position. This allows you to make the adjustments
right at
the mount
without having to go back and forth from the PC.

I got a chuckle out of this, as a similar feature has been in
(Earth Centered Universe) Planetarium Software I've used for

No offense meant, and I hope you don't perceive one.
Hi Tom,

No offense taken!

I wasn't aware that ECU uses sound but I'm guessing it's not for
the same
purpose. I'm guessing in ECU it is used to signal how close you
are pointing to
a target object by reading the scope coordinates. Is that correct?
In PEMPro's
case you are doing the opposite... while you adjust the mount's
altitude or
azimuth to achieve better polar alignment the scope coordinates do
_not_ change.
PEMPro has to take a picture, get the star(s) centroid coordinates
and update
the sound based on how far it is away from the theoretical target
position. And
to make matters fun, until the user finishes adjusting the mount,
drift is
occurring so the target position is changing!!! :-)


Your assumptions are correct about ECU, and I'm just a caveman
moving up to AP GTO mounts.

And yet what you are doing to nail the Polar Alignment and what
Dave LAne did to help push to guys find objects is so intuitive and
easy to follow (from the users standpoint).


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