Re: NGC 281 - PacMan Nebula in Cassiopeia


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Anthony, nicely done! I love the RRGB approach even on these very
dominant targets!
Thanks Stuart. I must admit that it is a lifesaver for me given the
low QE of the ST-2k especially in the red. I use double luminance
layering and it seems to work for me quite well.

Thanks to Gilles also for his comments.



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Subject: [ap-gto] NGC 281 - PacMan Nebula in Cassiopeia
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:31:47 -0000

Dear group,

In a mad rush to beat the arrival of the full moon shortly, I sat down
last night to pursue the PacMan Nebula in Cassiopeia. For the result
based on over 5 hrs total exposure (RRGB @ 200:60:60:60), I kindly
direct you to .

Clear skies!


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