AP 1200 tracking

Dean Salman <cluster@...>

Well I got a nice suprise last night when using CCD Commander. I let
the program do what it wanted to get the exposure for the guide star
through the H-Alpha filter and it was around 18 second exposure. The
tracking was perfect with the largest error reported 0.2 I did use PAM
to polar align and was within 50 arc seconds in both directions, so
that helped.

As for PAM, I am not having much luck in using the crosshairs method
and moving the mount to polar align. Darrell told me he just does a
run and make an adjustment. Then stop PAM and run it again. This
worked very well and only took about 15 minutes. Has anyone took PAM
through th complete run using the Next button and the crosshair method
to make adjustments in the alignment (you have to have used PAM this
way to know what I am talking about)

I still want to try the Pempro 2.0 alignemnt feature. It seems drift
alignment is better over all and can be done using only one star. I
have started drift alignment 15 minutes after sunset (doing it the old


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