Re: Correction - Mach1GTO with Celestron CGE tripod

Edd Weninger


Just had a chance to review my gear.

The CGE tripod presents a top surface of 5.490" diameter x 0.94" high
above the leg top hinge surface. There is a tapped center hole for
the tripod tensioning draw-bolt (bolt does not need to protrude above
the top surface). There are 3 each 0.38" dia. cast-in holes on a
4.00" diameter bolt circle.

The AP900 pier adapter plate is 0.975" total thickness. The bottom
of the plate has a counter-bore ~6.63" dia. x 0.675" deep, leaving a
central plate thickness of 0.30".

I drilled and tapped 3 each 3/8" x 16 holes at 120 degrees in the

3/8" x 16 x 1" long bolts, used with suitable lock washers, will
solidly retain the plate to the tripod without the bolts protruding.

It is necessary to either shorten, back-off or remove the center
0.495" dia. positioning pin of the 900 plate.

The 900 is then conventionally mounted on the plate.

Clear skies,

Edd Weninger
Overgaard AZ

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I used 3 ea. 5/16-18 tapped holes on a 4.00" Bolt Circle @ 120* in
the 900 pier adapter plate. Bolts/washers of suitable length
inserted from below to assure bolts do not protrude above plate top
surface. I should also note that the center tensioning draw-bolt
the CGE tripod may need to be trimmed if you want to keep the .495
dia. center positioning cap screw functional.

If you need to know the bolt length, let me know and I'll pull one

Clear skies,

Edd Weninger
Overgaard AZ

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In a message dated 8/21/2007 9:19:41 AM Central Daylight Time,

I have my 900/155 on a CGE tripod. The tripod is really sturdy.
simply tapped a few holes in the 900 adapter plate to match the
holes in the CGE plate. The CGE top plate is a casting with the
in place so there is no easy way to modify it to match the 900
I assume you can do similar with the Mach 1.

Clear skies,

Edd Weninger
Overgaard AZ
Thanks, we'll have to look into that.


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