Re: Help with RS232 to USB cable

Paul <plefevre@...>

Hi Tom,
Here's a web page that may help:

More options than you'll ever want, probably :)
I use their USB to 2-serial-port goes to the AP mount,
one to my RoboFocus (#USGB-2X232 on that page). The serial cables
from the adapter can basically be as long as you want them to be, mine
are both 12 feet. It very reliably runs my mount and focuser, and is
$40. Lots of other less expensive options that work well.


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As the subject implies, I'm looking for a ~4-5 meter adapter cable
between the mount and USB computer port. I know I saw some traffic
this (Possible future AP product?) but darned if I can find it again.
IIRC, the key was a type/brand of chip in the cable????

Forgive my poor search skills...

Tucson, AZ

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