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Glenn Edens

Thank you Karl and Jeff, somehow i was searching on the wrong terms
and missed the earlier messages. appreciate the help. the Mach1 is
an amazing mount! I'm using it with a C9.25 SCT and an AP155EDFS.


On Aug 19, 2007, at 3:47 PM, Jeff Young wrote:

Glenn --

The Mach1, 900 and 1200 all use the same parameters in the servo
controller. So either the 900 or 1200 setting will do.

(See also message 16008.)

-- Jeff.


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what mount type should the controller be set for use with the
The only options on my GTOCP3 are 400, 600E, 900 and 1200. I
not been able to find this in the documentation for either the
or the GTO hand controller (v4.12) that came with my Mach1.

thank you,

glenn edens

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