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I had 20+ cub scouts (plus their parents)at my observatory Friday
night, for a presentation on astronomy and then viewing of the moon,
Jupiter, and some deep-sky objects. It was a big hit, and the scouts
all got their astronomy badges.

One downside: at one point of the evening, when there was a long
line waiting to look through the scopes (I had an 8" Vixen VC200L and
an NP-101 mounted in tandem on my AP-900GTO), I left the observatory
for a few minutes for a break. I figured the scoutmaster would be
able to shepherd them to the scope for a view and keep the line
going, and they knew the rules about not touching anything but
focusers. However, one of the kids apparently turned off the power
supply to the mount, then turned it back on...and the scoutmaster
did "something" with the hand controller after it came back on. When
I got back I turned it off, let it sit for 30 seconds, then back on --
figured I'd just do a 1-star alignment and we'd be back to normal.

Problem is, the start-up on the hand controller is now different.
Instead of 1-star alignment and 2-star alignment options (plus resume
from park), it only has "star sync" and resume from park options.
Also, if I choose star sync and choose a star in the east (with scope
on the west side of the mount), the mount now thinks everything is
below the horizon (things like M8, which are plenty high). What

My manual is somewhere in boxes that I can't find, seeing as I
haven't had a need for it in over 3 I could use some help!
The AP-900GTO is permanently mounted in my observatory, and hasn't
moved in over a year, with the same startup routine going every
time. I seem to recall something about holding down hand controller
keys on power-up that lets me change the options, but can't remember
what it is...? Help? :)


Paul LeFevre
Call Howard here at AP (815-282-1513) and he will go through the keypad
settings with you and make sure that you have proper data in your keypad. From your
desription it is impossible for me to know what happened to your keypad or
how it might have been set wrong.

Roland Christen

Roland Christen

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