More comfortable way using the Polar Alignment Scope

Joe Zeglinski


Here is a link to the Hoodman Right Angle Viewer (HRAV)

"camera brand and models compatibility" table.

I think this is an earlier list, since, there are now 5 camera view finder
adapters included, to support even more models,
rather than just the 4 when I bought mine last year .

This table is difficult to locate on the Hoodman website, since it was
placed under the Press Releases tab. Would have been nice to have it linked
right to the ad.

Please have a quick look at it, and if your camera model is not listed,
phone their free 800 number, or email. Hoodman staff is really responsive.


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Forgot to add the link to Barry Carter's website review of right angle
viewers, I referred to previously :
visit -
Barry Carter has tested three right angle viewers on his website.
The Hoodman HRAV, looks identical to the Nikon DR-6 in his article:
"Nikon D70 Manual Focus Aids".

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