Sharpless 2-54

Richard Crisp

it took a few more nights than I originally expected due to too much fog lately, but I now have enough data to at least see what the "Scary Face Nebula" looks like as a tricolor emission line image shot in Sulfur, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

this is 6x 20 minutes of Halpha, 7x20 minutes of [SII] and 20x20 minutes of [OIII] shot using the Stinger 450, Dream Machine, 4.5nm CS emission line filters and AP1200GTO.

the [OIII] was a real bear for me due to the object being in my southern sky and that is right in the middle of silicon valley light pollution. Plus it is shooting over my roof and is pretty low in the sky.

Adding to the misery is the fact that the [OIII] signal is very faint. Hence the 20 exposures of 20 minutes.

The [SII] really needs more exposure time too. I had to smooth the layer to keep the noise under control and I usually don't like to do that. So more [SII] is the order for the next imaging session.

The Halpha seems fine as is: there's a lot of Halpha strength in this object.

it would be nice if the seeing was better :-)

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