Re: APM Telescope (175mm) and AP900 weight limits

Hank Sielski


I have a friend with an AP 180/F9 which he used to use visually on an
AP900. He was generally happy with it, except on windy nights. So he (like
Eric) also upgraded to the 1200. Of course you do sacrifice some
portability. but I would certainly agree that the 1200 is the way to go with
this scope, if you're intent on doing imaging.


On 8/18/07, r1300rs <cardiofuse@...> wrote:

Thank you for the very useful information. I believe you are right on
point regarding the
mount. I don't think that by adding 1 more inch to my normal scope will do
much for CCD
imaging but the mount, clear skys and technique will make a difference.
Perhaps I should
stay with the 150-160mm range. I have to stay portable with my location.

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