Re: Mount does not stop Update - E1 chip installed

Dean Salman <cluster@...>

I will check on that but I kind of thought that might be an issue, so
I suspended the link to the Sky when moving the scope with Pulse
Guide. Just to let you know, the Sky can be disconneted completey
although I have not tried this with never connecting to the sky. But
it seems just having the 2nd serial cable attached is enough to do
the damage.

I talked to Howard today. I am going to swicth out the serial
cables. If that does not help, then order the VART and MAXIM chips.
He feels the VART would be more the guy but since the other is not
much more, I would have them both. If replacing the chips do help,
then I suspect they were issues from day one, but it was not
discovered. I would do the VART first and then try it out.

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Next I need to change out the serial cables themself just to get
out of the picture. But running both programs with 2 serial
still won't fly, its very easy to get pulse guide not to stop the
from slewing.
What two programs do you have attached to the two serial cables? Is
one of
them TheSky6? If so, what refresh rate do you have for the position
cursor? If
it is a fast rate, try changing it to update position every 2 - 4
seconds. If
your refresh rate for the position cursor is very fast, the servo
may become
overloaded with requests for RA/DEC position and not have time to
respond to any
other commands.


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