Re: Mount does not stop Update - E1 chip installed

Dean Salman <cluster@...>

Well I got the E1 chip and it was easy enough to stick in there.

Before I replaced the chip, when I had 2 serial cables attached and
used TheSky and PulseGuide, the keypad had the same issue as PulseGuide
in that when I press the direction buttons and then let go, the mount
would sometimes still slew.

With the same setup as before but now with the E1 chip, the keypad
seems to be working the way it should be (it was already on 4.12), so I
wonder if that was just an independent issue with the D chip. Nothing
I do can do will break the keypad, it stops when I tell it to and that
is about it.

At this point I can just live with one cable but now it is a puzzle to
solve. I only need pulse guide to initialize the mount, CCD Commander
will take over from there. (again, I am trying to remove the keypad for
remote operations, more for protection than anything else)

Next I need to change out the serial cables themself just to get them
out of the picture. But running both programs with 2 serial cables
still won't fly, its very easy to get pulse guide not to stop the mount
from slewing.


--- In ap-gto@..., "Dean Salman" <cluster@...> wrote:

I do plan on updating all the chips needed, I think there is a Max
chip or something Howard told me about. I was in line with a new one
but got a good deal for this one, so spending some cash for the
latest stuff is something I do not mind.

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