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Dean Salman <cluster@...>

Hi Jerry,

I think I have the cables worked out except the Y cable that goes to
the DEC. I do remember that night in April. I am working with Sara
to see if I can expand the CCD imaging part a bit and also get into
procesing as well. They have an older non goto AP mount that needs
some fixing with the keypad. So I will be contacting AP about that

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Hi Dean

I find that cable management is my biggest headache during an
observing session. Cables catching on projections, or tangling
other cable or me just stepping on one have ruined a fair number of
my photos. Having spent a lot of time in a physics lab I find that
the best solution is to tie the cables into bundles and stick them
something away from trouble. I usually use painters blue masking
tape. Applied to a dry surface it comes off easy and can be
relocated as needed. It doesn't leave marks or residue. It's
perfect for me since I don't have a permanent set up.

By the way I believe you hosted an evening session I had at Vega-
observatory in Benson last April. I had a great time. I'm still
learning the modern art of CCD imaging. Some of your comments were
very useful.

Best Regards, Jerry

At 07:43 AM 8/15/2007, you wrote:

The other night the cable that connects to the DEC got gaught on
silver knob that locks the DEC housing down. I suspect this is rare
but a concern. I did replace the black knobs and the cable was
clipped as it should be to the back of the mount.

One thought is to put a larger plastic sleeve around the cable so
it is
too large to catch on the knob, because it is fatter. Another if it
would work is to put a cover over the knob. The first idea may
any others out there ?


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