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Thanks Derek. I have exchanged many emails with Jim ... we know each
other. :-)


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The photographer is Jim Fakatselis, one of our moderators. I will
let him tell you more about the photo, but FYI Jim has a folder named
"NEAF 2006" in the photos section of the group with more photos of
Roland and Marj. This is also a good time to mention that Yahoo
Groups has graciously expanded both the files and photos sections, so
we have much more room to post images and folders. We would prefer
jpgs less than 1MB so that everyone can contribute.


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Congrats to whoever took the great photo on the group's homepage. Nice
to see the man himself working on his latest gem.

Speaking of the Mach1GTO, I received mine last Friday and I am
thoroughly impressed. I am eager for first light and I will follow-up
when I have something to report.


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