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Yes, he said I need to start replacing someone these, the first is
putting in the E1. I am also going to try another set of Y cables
and a power supply that puts out 15v. The previous owner did not
see this issue, so it could even be the serial ports themself. At
this point he said nothing about sending anything in yet, I think we
are in the trouble shooting stage.

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This is now serious problem. I have changed power supplies and
seems to be no issue with the gears. The software in the mount is
4.0x, is that the problem. This happens at any speed including 1x
both axis. I do know someone with a 1200 mount near by so I guess
can change out parts but this is looking like a mount issue, not
control box or key pad.
I assume you have spoken with Howard and he told you that it is a
control problem - specifically the microchip inside the servo
controller. I also
assume that you will be sending the servo control box in to have it


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