Re: Mount does not stop Update

Dean Salman <cluster@...>

This is now serious problem. I have changed power supplies and there
seems to be no issue with the gears. The software in the mount is
4.0x, is that the problem. This happens at any speed including 1x and
both axis. I do know someone with a 1200 mount near by so I guess I
can change out parts but this is looking like a mount issue, not the
control box or key pad.

--- In ap-gto@..., "Dean Salman" <cluster@...> wrote:

When I use the keypad, sometimes the mount will continue to slew so I
have to press stop. I thought it was the key pad but PulseGuide did
the same thing without the keypad. Someone told me it was in the
controler box. So far I have not seen this using the Sky or CCD
Commander. Anyway thoughts ?


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