upgrade policy was Re: Re: PEMPro questions

Chris Curran <curran.chris@...>

Sorry - I don't follow many threads and I didn't mean to bring up
something that folks are already fighting over (Peyton Place isn't on
my viewing list). I just didn't know what the policy was for those of
us with the AP PEMPro edition. Yes, I am very disappointed that there
is no upgrade path for the AP edition of PEMPro. Seems like ccdware
would want the revenue stream, but it's not my business and I never
liked folks telling me how to run mine, so I won't try to tell someone
else how to run theirs....

Chris Curran

--- In ap-gto@..., Derek Wong <dawong@...> wrote:


We have all watched this thinly veiled fight, which is a spillover from
other forums, go on for the last several days. While most of us love
seeing great images produced on ap-gto mounts, we do not appreciate tit
for tat behavior (even under the guise of intelligent discussion) on
this forum. If you cannot moderate yourselves, we will do it for you.



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