Re: Mount does not stop

Joe Zeglinski

Yes, Roland, I agree. We should do as much as we possibly can to examine
symptoms, and try to fathom what is going on. However, my suggestion was a
last ditch approach, before giving up and shipping everything back - which is
a hassle for all concerned, and an expense.

However some owners are not as analytical as others, so they may want to
give up and just ask you to just make the problem go away. Your time is
valuable to all of us. Sending "test parts", would be better in that case.

Meanwhile, it might even be useful to purchase a spare power and Y-cable,
just to have it in hand when the cable gets nicked, or the connectors go
funny. At least we would save the long turn around time if the problem turns
out to be one of the cables - they are probably cheaper than mount shipping


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I wonder if a "test exchange" system could be implemented. When really
stumped, in a pinch, it would be nice to get a known working controller
keypad, and cables, on a 7 day debug loan - a credit card buys it, if not
returned in time. That would allow eliminating the servos, and perhaps
down the problem to one of the 3 other components - controller, keypad, or
Certainly, we have done that. However, if the customer can do a few simple
tests and adjustments ahead of time it narrows things down quickly and helps
to the final soution. Just throwing up hands and saying it doesn't work is
helpful to me.


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