Re: NGC 6995/IC 1340 - SNR in Cygnus

Ray Gralak <rgr@...>

Hi Anthony,

I just got a chance to look at your image. I think it is very nicely done and
exciting, even though it is a RGB image! :-) :-)


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Dear group,

I have always had a weakness for the Veil complex and last night I
sat down to acquire 4.5 hours of total exposure data (LRGB @
90:60:60:60) for the southeastern portion which comprises of NGC 6995
and IC 1340. I would have liked a little more RGB exposure data but
the OTA and pier got too close for comfort.

The result is available at
<> ... it is one of the
relatively few situations where green does show up as part of the
visual spectrum in relation to a DSO object.


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