The Awesome 1200


After being with Chuck, and Roland at the fest, and studying the mount,
i must say that both halves of the head are very compact
pieces,(Amazing engineering!) and i will consider making my own
inexpensive cases from foam lined Rubbermaid cases for them. (Hinged
lid, w/latch) Naturally, they are not suitable to ship the mount in,
but for transportation by car, they will be very suitable, extremely
light (A big plus) Will protect the mount adequately from any
damage/dings, and will save much dinero. Also one for the pier base.
For the pier tube, and legs, and pier rods, i will make naugahyde cases
with nylon strap handles/velcro closures. Total cost should be under
$100, and will be quite effective. I did this with the HGM-200 with
great results, and IMO the HGM is a much more bulky, oddly
shaped,unwieldy mount. K-mart, Wal-mart, and a few others carry cases
like this. Sometimes in the auto, or Garden section. Mark

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