Re: Mount does not stop

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Dean,

One last shot - measure the voltage AT the end of the AP power cable. The
power supply may be fine, but the AP cable or connector may be marginal, at
the control panel. Unplug it from there, and measure the voltage right at the
tip. Also, with the cable plugged in, try to carefully measure the 6 volt aux.
power on the panel. If the power cable socket connection is bad, the 6 volts
will be low as well.

Sure would be nice if the control panel had some test sockets for a
voltage probe check.


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The problem occurs at 600 and I have 12.5 volts because the box I
have is a custom built box (by a professional EE that works at Keck
now) and reports exactly the output sent to what is attached. So
this is sounding like what I have heard from others and need to send
in the control box.

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When I use the keypad, sometimes the mount will continue to slew
so I
have to press stop.
Your voltage supply is too low for the slew speed that you have
chosen. That
means that the motors are not getting enough voltage to achieve the
slew speed. Therefore the motors will fall behind the commanded
position and are
trying to make up for the position shortfall at the end after you
have let go
of the buttons.

Do one of two things: either get a 15 volt supply that can deliver
current necessary for the 1200x slew speed or turn your max slew
speed down to a
lower value (600x for heavy loads).


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